Mimiola, Francesco Antonio

Dizionario di eretici, dissidenti e inquisitori nel mondo mediterraneo
Edizioni CLORI | Firenze | ISBN 978-8894241600 | DOI 10.5281/zenodo.1309444

Francesco Antonio Mimiola (died on 9 May 1801 in Conegliano) was a franciscan inquisitor.

He was inquisitor of Belluno from 1784 until 1788, when he became inquisitor of Ceneda. In one of his annual report for the Congregation of the Holy Office he informed, that in 1795 he had recorded only four denunciations, including one self-denunciation (sponte comparente) and none of them had been used to initiate a formal trial - a clear sign of decreasing activity of inquisition in late 18th century.

Mimiola is the last known inquisitor of the diocese of Ceneda, although the tribunal itself seems to have been formally abolished only with dissolving of the franciscan convent of Conegliano (the seat of the tribunal) on 28 July 1806.


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et tamen e summo, quasi fulmen, deicit ictos
invidia inter dum contemptim in Tartara taetra
invidia quoniam ceu fulmine summa vaporant
plerumque et quae sunt aliis magis edita cumque

[Lucretius, "De rerum natura", lib. V]

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