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Scientific & editorial committee (Il cannocchiale dello storico: miti e ideologie)

Since its start up, Ereticopedia (including its on line dictionary of heretics, dissidents and inquisitors in the Mediterranean world and its on line journal Quaderni eretici) is integrated as a "digital project" with Il "cannocchiale" dello storico: miti e ideologie, a series of historiographical studies published by Aracne editrice and founded by Achille Olivieri, whose scientific & editorial committee is actually composed as it follows.

Director: Daniele Santarelli
Editorial committee: Luca Al Sabbagh, Vincenzo Lagioia, Domizia Weber
Scientific committee: Francesco Beretta, Paula C. Clarke, Corinne Lucas-Fiorato, Jean-Claude Margolin, Jacques Revel, Mario Rosa, François Roudaut, Sandra Secchi Olivieri, Marie Viallon

Editorial board (Dizionario di eretici, dissidenti e inquisitori nel mondo mediterraneo & Quaderni eretici)

The editorial board of Ereticopedia is shared by the Dizionario di eretici, dissidenti e inquisitori nel mondo mediterraneo and by the journal Quaderni eretici. To what concerns the Dizionario di eretici, dissidenti e inquisitori nel mondo mediterraneo the editorial board is coordinated by Luca Al Sabbagh, Daniele Santarelli and Domizia Weber. The journal Quaderni eretici has an autonomous and functional steering committee (for its composition see the journal homepage).

Marcello Bolpagni, Anna Gabriella Chisena, Gian Luca D'Errico, Silvia Ferretto, Marco Gallarino, Martina Gargiulo, Federica Greco, Isabel Harvey, Sonia Isidori, Martino Laurenti, Fiona Lejosne, Anderson Magalhaes, Valentina Oldrati, Miles Pattenden, Laura Antonella Piras, Cristiano Rocchio, Francesco Tigani, Gaetano Vigna, Vincenzo Vozza, Federico Zuliani

To consult the complete list of all the scholars who contributed to the Ereticopedia project see: List of collaborators

Refereeing procedure

Every article, after having been approved by our committees, is reviewed by one or more external referees, according to a blind peer review procedure. For more information see our Code of conduct


You can contact us by three different ways:

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  • using the contact module in this site

We will answer to all messages within 7-10 days. Every suggestion, observation, collaboration proposal and/or critics is welcome.


et tamen e summo, quasi fulmen, deicit ictos
invidia inter dum contemptim in Tartara taetra
invidia quoniam ceu fulmine summa vaporant
plerumque et quae sunt aliis magis edita cumque

[Lucretius, "De rerum natura", lib. V]


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