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This site is an on line (under construction) dictionary of heretics and inquisitors in the Mediterranean world focusing principally on the history of international early-modern Catholicism and Protestantism and the history of Italy and Spain (and their interactions).

This dictionary has an international restricted scienfic board. His editorial board is composed by some young scholars with many referenced publications in the field.

The dictionary articles are reviewed by external referees.

The main language of this site is Italian. An english version is in project and will be on line as soon as possible.

We are open to and we will examine with pleasure all collaboration proposals.

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et tamen e summo, quasi fulmen, deicit ictos
invidia inter dum contemptim in Tartara taetra
invidia quoniam ceu fulmine summa vaporant
plerumque et quae sunt aliis magis edita cumque

[Lucretius, "De rerum natura", lib. V]


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